Saturday, October 11

New friends and updates.

All summer, I felt out of it..
I didn't have friends.
I didn't have fun.
I didn't have happiness.
I didn't have love.
But now.. It's all coming back to me.
I have friends.
I have fun.
I have happiness.
I have fun.
There are new people in my life, and I like them. I suppose I've been officially initiated as a friend.. We had a sleep over last night.
And EVEN THOUGH she had a tragedy, we still had fun. And we got through it together. And.. I haven't felt like I was truly able to support someone like that for a while. And I feel that if I need it, they'll all be there for me too. And they actually have been.
I liked another boy. And I think he liked me back. But I almost ruined it.. And I think we're just friends now. He's too busy, according to my friend. But she won't say exactly what was said. And I don't know exactly how he feels.
I still hurt from everything that's happened over the past six months... But it's getting better. And I'm getting better.

Hearts. <3

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