Friday, June 13

I said sorry.

I did.
Because, I admit it, it was wrong to get so mad.
But I was truthful.
You did not tell me. She did not have it as her away. And it was my idea.

And, it is true, that she had forbade me to go to your house without her. Which is dumb.

But you got mad at me. Which is also dumb. Because being mad at each other is dumb.

What you said really hurt.

Wednesday, June 11

I just realized..

I'm so glad I'm the bigger fucking person.

She should be glad too.

Because one day, someone else won't be.

And she'll get fucked up.

Slap a hoe.

Someone really should.

I don't know exactly who, though.

She didn't exactly know I was coming, but she was with me. But she wasn't even civil enough to understand that she had plans with other people. She didn't care that she was ultimately forcing her to choose, me out of town, and a poor guy who came in at four in the fucking morning to see her to hang out alone until four.

She is obviously out to make my life Hell. I can't even hang out with my friends after exams because of her.

I don't know if I'll be able to hang out with them tomorrow, as I've planned all week, because of her.

She might ruin my plans for a party. She might make it all miserable just by her presence.

I don't even know why I bother.

She is obviously ten hundred times better than me.

Even though I know she isn't.

Tuesday, June 3


Sometimes, friends are really bogus.

It's like, okay. You know that we aren't friends anymore. But like, do you know how much that changed my life?

Do you even care?

Do you realize that while you're off galavanting with them, I'm home, alone, because I have no one else.

Do you know how much it hurts that you just go off with her and leave me alone every fucking day while I go sit alone or try to find other people to hang out with, usually causing awkwardness or failure?

Do you know that I'd never ever put you through this?

It's Hell.

And I want to go back to Heaven.

Monday, June 2

You knew why.

Whatever, I'm not posting what I feel.

I don't have the heart.

I love you too much, and it kills me.

I love everyone too much.