Friday, May 16

Lovin' It.

I am not at prom.
And currently, I am lovin' it.
Strange, right?

Things I am also currently lovin':
1. The thought of college.
2. The thought of college in MALIBU.
3. The thought of the sun at college, in Malibu.
4. The thought of start fresh, and being able to be my own person. Without middle-school stereotypes. [Seriously, Poolesville. People change. Get over it.]
4. The thought that he might be there... A new 'he', and old 'he', doesn't matter. As long as he's a he, and he's right for me. =D [I'm so happy I rhymed.]
5. The thought that I might FINALLY be able to learn to count properly.

I can't wait.
Only one more year until I escape.
And I am lovin' the though of a whole new life.

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