Friday, May 23


Let's look at the stats.
#1 - said no to go with me to prom. DENIED.
#2 - is confusing. not like any other guy I've ever met. surprises me often. makes me laugh. nerdy, cute, adorable, amazing. I dunno if he actually asked me out, but he's said something like that twice. in two days. I said I hate bikes and outdoors, then didn't answer. I seem to make him nervous. I'm smiling like a friggin' gremlin. I have it BAD.
#3 - fun to flirt with. end of story.

Shit monkies. I'm not used to this.

I want my own Edward. Whatwhat? FROM TWILIGHT, GOSH.

In other news..
There is no other news.

Wait, I miss my friends. My best friends. I hope we're still good. I need you more than ever.

Oh fuck, I have it really fucking bad.
[inlikehearts] Flo

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